be loved& EAT PIE


I grew up in the kitchen. From peeling cucumbers, to eating.... ahem, mixing cookie dough, and all other cooking and baking tasks in between, I learned it all in the kitchen with my mom. I vividly remember making at least fourteen pumpkin pies every Thanksgiving, stirring all of that pumpkin filling goodness in the largest bowl you can imagine (at least when you're that young, a bowl any larger would be hard to envision.) Needless to say, the holidays have always revolved around spending lots of time in the kitchen with my mom, music blaring, drinking tea, laughing, and baking. The kitchen table was the place where not only all of the cooking was done, where the dough was kneaded, and where we did all of our baking, but also where stories were told, Jeopardy was watched, countless cups of tea were consumed, tears were shed from every emotion - it was, and still is, my favorite place to spend time. This is where my love of baking, and baking pies especially, stems from.


I am proud to have grown up and still currently live in central Jersey. I graduated from St. John's College in Annapolis, MD. I've worked in many cafes and restaurants since then. Now, I am the proud mother of two beautiful boys, Atlas and Mobius, who spend lots of time in the kitchen learning how to peel cucumbers, and stir the cookie dough.